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Southwest House

Desert House

Californian House
Corner Condo

Flower Condo

These are our Boat, Train, House, condo products. You may customize them:. Simply choose two base colors from 11 carpet colors. You may select from a variety of decorative Motifs (Except boats and trains).

Size Description Measurements Price  
Boat Boat shape with 14" crows nest Height 40"Width 34" Depth 14" $299.00 Buy
Train Train shape with 14" smokestack nest Height 38"Width 24" Depth 16" $299.00 Buy

Hide away house with cactus shelf

Hide away house with palm tree & leaf shelf

Hide away house with elevated 14"nest

Height 55"Width 24" Depth 16" Southwest H.

Height 55"Width 24" Depth 16" Desert H.

Height 40"Width 24" Depth 16" Calf. House

$299.00 Buy
Condos 3-Step ladder with Condo on Top Height 48"Width 18" Depth 30" $309.00 Buy

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